Workplace Harassment

Workplace harassment refers to persistent and negative behaviors in the work environment that are intended to intimidate, humiliate, or create a hostile environment for an employee. It can manifest in various forms:
• Insults
• Exclusion
• Defamation
• Manipulation

Such behavior can have serious effects on the mental health and well-being of the individual. Prolonged stress resulting from workplace harassment, whether due to the inaction of the employee or the employer, waiting for results, ongoing investigations, among other factors, could lead to symptoms at cognitive, physical, and emotional levels, such as:

Cognitive symptoms:
• Inattention
• Memory loss
• Confusion
Physical symptoms:
• Stomachaches
• Headaches
• High blood pressure
Emotional symptoms:
• Sadness
• Anger
• Frustration

There are several ways to work with employees who are experiencing workplace harassment. Firstly, it is important to know your rights as an employee (review the manual, protocols, guidelines, and designated offices such as Human Resources, Labor Relations, the Union, among others). Secondly, check if your employer offers the Employee Assistance Program service. This service is free and voluntary. No one can force you to seek such help. However, recognizing that you need help to resolve your conflicts or feel better cognitively, physically, or emotionally will allow you to receive guidance and resources that may benefit you in such a sensitive time. If you are going through a workplace issue, contact us. Dr. Vanessa Boglio has 14 years of experience working directly with labor issues at the state and federal levels.